Rhinoplasty: What To Expect Before and After Surgery [2024]

June 17, 2023
 What To Expect Before and After Surgery [2023]

Rhinoplasty is a magic pill for many people who dream of changing the shape of their noses. It is enough to enter the operating room and after half an hour get the nose of your dreams. 

Rhinoplasty can really change the shape of your nose. But surgery cannot structurally rebuild your face. That is why, in order for you to have an understanding of how your nose will change, we have compiled a collection of images of the results of real surgery.

Nose reduction: before & after surgery 

Reduction of too large nose for face

Reduction of too large nose for face

Reduction of too large nose for face

If your nose is too large or disproportionate to your face, it can be reduced to an average size with nose reduction surgery.

The patient depicted in the picture had the cartilage removed from the tip of her nose using an open rhinoplasty. Then the surgeon expertly sutured and fixed the tip of the nose. As a result, the nose became smaller than it was before the correction.

Dorsal hump reduction

Dorsal hump reduction

Dorsal hump reduction

If you see that your nose is too big from the side profile, then you most likely need surgery for dorsal hump reduction.

The patient shown in the picture had rhinoplasty to reduce the hump and correct the tip. Сorrection was needed to harmonize the appearance of the central part of the nose and nostrils. In the end, the patient completely got rid of the hump on her nose.

Reduction of the dorsal hump involves a structural reconstruction of the nose. If you are planning this operation, then pay attention to the types of technical material on the basis of which your new nose can be formed.

Reduce nasal tip

Reduce nasal tip

Reduce nasal tip

If the tip of your nose recedes too far from your face, your nose will appear too large to other people. Mostly, this is an inherited characteristic of the face, but you can correct this defect through a reducing surgery.

This patient had the cartilage moved from the tip of the nose, closer to the face, using the open rhinoplasty technique. That is why visually the nose began to look much more harmonious.

Reduce the width of the nose

Reduce the width of the nose

Reduce the width of the nose

If you do not like the width of your nose, you can correct this defect with the help of width-reducing surgery on your nose.

The patient pictured above underwent open rhinoplasty by removing excess fat under the skin and excess cartilage from the tip of the nose. Excess skin and fat from the sides of the nose were also removed. Cartilage grafts were then inserted to give the tip of the nose more harmony.

Aesthetic plastic: correction results

Straighten a crooked nose

Straighten a crooked nose

Sometimes, as a result of trauma, the nasal bones and/or septum are displaced from the center of the face to the side. In this case, you need to have a straighten crooked nose surgery.

This patient sustained an injury that resulted in a crooked nose. With the help of open rhinoplasty, the curved nasal septum and nasal bones were corrected. As a result, the nose was completely restored according to the patient’s wishes.

Correct nasal tip asymmetry

Correct nasal tip asymmetry

If one tip of your nose is longer than the other, then you need symmetry surgery nasal tip that symmetry transforms the cartilage of the tip of the nose.

The patient pictured had an open rhinoplasty, during which the cartilage at the tip of her nose was reshaped to give it a symmetrical appearance.

Refine Bulbous Tip

Refine Bulbous Tip
rinoplasty before and after comparison on a woman

If the cartilage at the tip of your nose is very large, then visually the nose may appear too convex or too wide. In this case, a surgery reduction refine bulbous tip is required.

The patient depicted in the picture had the cartilage removed from the tip of the nose. After that, the remains of the cartilage on the tip of the nose were hidden with sutures using the technique of open rhinoplasty.

Correct a nasal bump


Correct a nasal bump

If there is a bump on your nose, it is safe to say that this feature is caused either by the excessive development of bones and cartilage or by the deposition of scar tissue. In any case, you will need nasal bump surgery to correct it.

The picture shows a patient who underwent a closed rhinoplasty, which included the removal of excess bone, cartilage, and scar tissue. Thanks to this correction, her profile became completely smooth.

Secondary rhinoplasty: before & after results 

Revise poor nose job results

Revise poor nose job results

Revise poor nose job results

If you are not satisfied with the result after rhinoplasty, you should contact the surgeon for revision of the initial results.

The patient depicted in the picture was not satisfied with the cartilage that was too far away, so the surgeon performed a cartilage transfer in order to obtain a more harmonious appearance of the nose.

You can learn more about the possibilities and aesthetics of revision rhinoplasty in our article types of rhinoplasty.

Renewal of the nose

Renewal of the nose

If you have suffered a nose injury after rhinoplasty, you will most likely have to undergo a nose renewal surgery, as the structure of the plastic nose is very fragile and quickly collapses from a powerful load.

The patient shown in the photo suffered a nose injury, so the surgeon moved the flattened cartilage further away from the face to return the nose to a harmonious shape.

Restoration of a plastic nose

Restoration of a plastic nose

Restoration of a plastic nose

If a few years after the initial rhinoplasty, you want to change or update your nose, then you will need to have plastic nose restorations.

The patient pictured above underwent an open rhinoplasty to reshape the bones and cartilage. As a result, with the help of a quick operation, the patient received the new desired nose.

The post-surgery period is a very important time, as it depends on whether the reconstructed part of the body will take root. In order to make it as painless as possible, we advise you to familiarize yourself with our rules for life in the post-surgery period.

Post-surgery period

Post-surgery period

It should be understood that the post-surgery period after rhinoplasty can last up to 12 months. During this time, you will go from a huge swelling, which will disappear after 2 weeks, to the internal integration of the implant. There will be some changes during this time, but they will not be visual, so neither you nor others will notice any swelling or visible transformation.

In general, you should not think that your nose will acquire its new shape, and you will have to walk with a bandage on your face all this time. In just 2 weeks, you can return to your usual lifestyle, and in 6 weeks, your nose will have its final visual shape.


In general, due to the development of modern technologies, rhinoplasty can correct any aesthetic or physiological defect. 

However, it is worth understanding that even the best surgeon will not be able to reconstruct the physiology of your nose. Therefore, soberly evaluate the possibilities of plastic surgery and your wishes, and only in this case contact the surgeon.


👃🏻 Can rhinoplasty correct an asymmetrical nose?

Correcting the asymmetry of the nose with the help of rhinoplasty is possible. For this, the surgeon moves the cartilage inside the nose.

🤕 What will happen to the plastic nose after the injury?

After an injury, the plastic nose will most likely need to be renewed, since the plastic structure is very fragile.

🚅 Can the nose change after rhinoplasty?

After rhinoplasty, visible changes to your nose will occur within 2 weeks. After that, a period of “implicit change” will begin, which can last up to 12 months. At this time, internal integration of the implant will occur, but no visual changes will occur.

🤷 Can the result of rhinoplasty be predicted?

Due to the surgeon’s portfolio and the construction of a computer model, the final result of the operation can be predicted.

😤 How does rhinoplasty change the face?

Plastic surgeons approach their work very carefully, so the result of rhinoplasty looks harmonious and does not change the overall shape of the face.

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