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Unveiling a new, reliable guide in the world of plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures.

Read honest reviews, check doctors’ profiles and book consultations — now all in one place.

For doctors

  • Enhance trust

    Boost credibility by presenting all the details about your practice, education, and certification and having your profile verified

  • New audience

    Get a new audience & stay on top of minds by showing your profile to dozens of thousands of visitors

  • All in one place

    A profile that ranks high on search engines, a personal cabinet with bookings, statistics, client communication, and many more

  • Earn more

    Simply get more clients and raise your income without investing a lot of time and money resources in marketing

For clients

We gathered all you need to know about doctors and clinics, so you don’t have to worry about your safety:

✓ Verified, detailed reviews from patients
✓ A curated selection of the best doctors
✓ Easy booking system
✓ Useful guides for beauty procedures and plastic surgeries

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Questions & Answers

Bellezie is a Swiss-born project run by an international team. Our main goal is to bring transparency and safety to the plastic surgery & beauty procedures market.

Bellezie is a platform where you can find verified doctors’ & clinics’ profiles with detailed information about them: experience, education, reviews, social media, and
everything else you need to know before choosing a specialist.

The answer is pretty simple: get more clients, trust, and visibility; raise prices, and stay on top of the competition. You no longer need to spend your valuable time on marketing – we got that part for you!

We know making choices is difficult.
It’s even much harder when it comes to
choosing a reliable specialist for any type of beauty procedure. That’s why our mission is to make your journey to achieving your dream appearance smoother and much easier by providing you with all the needed information to choose the right specialist: verified reviews of other patients, full doctors’ profiles with education and experience, lists of trustworthy clinics that provide high-level service, and much more.

Each doctor on our website is checked and verified by Bellezie team. We verify the track record, education, certification, board memberships and criminal record of each expert, as well as each of the reviews.

Our criteria:

  • Track record with this exact procedure
  • Education and certification
  • Overall experience
  • Board’s memberships
  • Criminal record 
  • Reviews and cases (proven by invoices)

Who's behind

Vlad Kuzmuk

Head of Product

Daryna Harbuz

Content Manager

Sviat Lozynskyi

Marketing Manager

Bruna Moraes Pilecco

Customer Journalist

Dr. Felipe Mazzillo

Advisor, Plastic surgeon



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